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Seven-Week Trauma-Informed Yoga Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

  • Empowered Spaces 7602 Big Bend Boulevard St. Louis, MO, 63119 (map)

September 10 – October 22, 2019: Tuesdays, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Led by Colleen Caul, 200 HR RYT, AFAA, NASM CPT

Trauma-Informed Yoga utilizes the healing power of gentle & restorative movement in a supportive environment to empower individuals to tune into their breath, reclaim choice, (the first thing that trauma strips away), and to discover what will most nourish their bodies in any particular moment. This series will also utilize meditation, journaling and art exercises to support participants in tuning inward and deepening their connection to self. No previous yoga experience necessary.  Click here for more info.

Colleen strives to create a safe, inclusive space through empowering language, invitation of choices, and no physical assists. She weaves *themes, storytelling and affirmations throughout the movement and breath practice. Colleen hopes to build an environment where all participants can safely practice yoga in the manner that will most nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits. Colleen facilitates the Trauma-Informed Yoga program at Saint Louis University, as well as weekly Trauma-Informed Yoga classes for the community at Empowered Spaces. In addition, she has offered Trauma-Informed Yoga classes for various organizations including Washington University, Family Court of St. Louis County, S.A.F.E. Alternative, and Got Your Six PTSD Support Dogs.

What You Can Expect from this Yoga Series

  • When you arrive, you will be invited to put your mat in a circle. (mats available at Empowered Spaces)  As the teacher, Colleen will be a part of the circle, moving through each shape and posture with the class.  There is no need to match Colleen nor your neighbor.

  • During the first 60-70 minutes, Colleen will guide you through a gentle yoga movement & meditation sequence.  You will be encouraged to listen to your own body and move in a way that feels best for you in any given moment. 

  • Following the yoga segment, Colleen will introduce a journaling or art exercise correlating with that class’ theme that you will be invited to explore for the remaining 20-30 minutes.  The writing or art you create will be for your eyes only, unless you choose to share with someone. 

  • In lieu of the activity, you could also choose to take a longer savasana (resting pose) or meditate.

  • At no point during the 1.5 hours will you need to talk.  This is not a yoga therapy group; rather, an opportunity to tune inward & allow movement, meditation, journaling and art to help you in your healing process.


Must be at least 16 years of age or older

$175 for full course.
Limited need based scholarships available through Empowered Spaces. Contact Kelly Caul at

To reserve your space in this closed group (Limited to 14 participants):

  • email Colleen at

  • send Venmo payment of $175 to Colleen-Caul-InspireMovement OR

  • mail $175 check, payable to InspireMovement, LLC, to Empowered Spaces (7602 Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63119)

If you have experienced sexual trauma very recently, have had recent hospitalizations, active drug or alcohol abuse, or current psychosis, this program is not recommended at this time.


“I am deeply grateful for the work Colleen does in her trauma-informed yoga. I recently referred a client who has lived with chronic neglect and abuse throughout her life and was finding the work of healing painstakingly difficult. I had hoped the yoga series would at least help her along in her recovery but was not prepared for the level of transformation it provided her. Colleen’s yoga class and all of its lessons have been truly life-altering and have helped this client find a path toward love and genuine self-care that has proven immensely difficult her entire life. This kind of opening was simply not happening in therapy and is now accessible to her in all areas of her life. Colleen is an important part of the movement to bring more peace on the planet and I am grateful to have her and her work as a resource for healing.” ~Kelly Storck, LCSW 

“The Trauma-Informed Yoga classes through InspireMovement have changed my life. Colleen does a great job at making you truly feel empowered in your yoga practice. As both a social worker and a trauma survivor, I highly recommend InspireMovement and Empowered Spaces.” ~Anonymous

“I want to say thank you for the trauma-informed class you’re doing….I left the class last week wanting to do something kind and nurturing to my body. I have never felt that way before. Ever. So thank you for what you have offered to all of us. I know the power is in the yoga, and it’s in the energy and love and compassion and safety that you are and create when we walk into the room. I am so grateful for you.” ~ Catherine, Participant in Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

"I just wanted to send a "quick" thank-you to you and the amazing facilitation you provide in the Trauma-Informed classes. The work I've been doing in your class (and your particular energy and presence) has offered me the space and capability to tune more deeply into where I hold tightness and why, and has given me more internal resources and trust in myself that I will be present, accountable, and supportive of myself and my needs during challenging moments. I can't express how different and exciting that is for me. So, with deep gratitude, thank you." ~Participant of Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma 

**Weekly Themes:

September 10: Sacred Reflection & Intention

September 17: Self-Compassion       

September 24: Grounding & Calming

October 1: Living in the Present/Mindfulness

October 8: Balance & Breath

October 15: Inner Strength/Embracing your Warrior

October 22: Community & Connection

 “Trauma-Informed Yoga can help survivors find union between disconnected and challenging aspects of the self, allowing participants to slowly build the pieces into an integrated whole – uncovering layers of pain to get to the core of who they have always been.  It provides a venue for survivors to become acquainted with and reclaim their bodies and helps them become grounded in the present moment in guided trauma-informed practice and meditation.”       ~Zabie Yamasaki, M.Ed, RYT, (Founder, Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, The Breathe Network: Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training Manual:

Questions or want to know more?

Contact Colleen Caul: